Hotel San Desiderio
Via S. Desiderio 4 - 16035 - Rapallo (GE)
Tel. 0185 66717 - Cell. 329 9523247
hotel san desiderio
Hotel San Desiderio
We are glad to welcome you to the Hotel San Desiderio, in a quite clime. You have a room air conditioned, a bright dining room and a wide terrace where you can relax yourself after a day at the seaside. Here you are in the middle of the best places in Liguria. One hundred meters from the beach, ten minutes by boat from Portofino, an half of an hour by car from Genova, one hour by train from Cinque Terre. A frame of hills covered by olives embrace the excitement of this little city leaned on the sea. The Hotel is situated in the center of the city, despite of this the place is very quiet. Thanks to theese conditions it is ideal for days with 'stress' of the beach or a sport day in the mountain. At evening you can relax yourself on the terrace with a fresh fruit cocktail and decide your night, from the classic dance to the disco on the beach.